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Remotely Access Desktop with Steam In-Home Streaming

Remotely Access Desktop with Steam In-Home Streaming

Hey guys so I put a thread in the steam (click here) with a way to allow full access to your desktop by making steam run a small application on your pc, appropriately named Steam Remote Desktop (well that’s what I called mine at least!). Thought I would put a more detailed guide on here as well with pictures and such since there’s no Guide section for in home streaming on steam currently.


Steam Remote Desktop and source
AutoIt Download Section


Okay so what does this do? how does it work? Essentially, this program does nothing. Literally it just runs a infinite loop. But the thing is, it loads strait into your system tray and has no interface that is displayed on the desktop! Because of this steam just simply displays your desktop without anything needing to be minimized or moved or opened or anything! Pretty neat right? So all you need to do is add this into your steam, stream it from your other pc and once your finished right click on the system tray icon it created and it will disconnect you from the client! Now the download link I have supplied above has this all ready to go. However I have also included the script that is run in there in case people would like to compile it themselves just to be as transparent as I can be! So the following is the instructions on how to compile this yourself.


Okay so first of all we need to get AutoIt, this is a basic scripting language that can be used for automation, its really neat and you can do a LOT with it if you haven’t seen it before. So you will need to download this, I would recommend getting the “AutoIt– Self Extracting Archive” version since there’s no installation required and you can keep everything in the one place. Also download the Steam Remote Desktop link above as well and put both of these zip files in the same folder. You should hopefully have something like this after you have downloaded them.

Folder with Steam and AutoIt

So after this go into the autoit-v3 folder keep going until you find a Aut2Exe folder and in there run the Aut2exe.exe application, this is the compiler that we will use to compile the script you downloaded. In this window in the source area, browse to the other zip folder you extracted and select the Steam Remote Desktop.au3 file. In the destination area make sure that this will go somewhere that  you know. By default it will put it in the same folder as the source file (and will also override an exe that’s already in there). You can put a custom icon in the options area as well, this is what the icon in the system tray will look like (I just used the AutoIt default icon here) but once you have done that just hit convert down the bottom and bam! you will have your own newly made Steam Remote Desktop.exe!

Location of Aut2Exe and window.

Now all you need to do is add this as a Non-Steam Game in steam go to another pc and stream away! Let us know what you think and if this could be improved at all 🙂

How to transfer large email attachments with WeTransfer (updated)

Hey everyone, If you are reading this there’s a more recent article over at cloudwards.net with a lot more of an in depth look at other alternatives for large email attachments. Click here to go and have a look. Feel free to keep reading but they also do cover this in their article too!



A lot of email providers now are getting pretty up tight with how they receive their email attachments and this is a easy and quick way to get past those pesky email bounces. With the help of We Transfer we can get those attachments send off without any problems.

Now how does this work exactly? Well its pretty simple, instead of you sending your email attachment directly you are placing it on the internet for them to grab. This means that the email you send will just instead of containing your attachment will have a link to the attachment. WeTransfer makes this very easy to use and it also is less complicated then other ways to send files like this (Like using Dropbox for example) and it also only keeps the file for a week. So once its been 7 days you do not need to worry about out of date attachments.

So! There are 2 ways you can send attachments with WeTransfer and I will go through both of them on here.

The first way is the most simplest way. This involves WeTransfer doing everything for you (even sending the email to the person who you want to download the attachment).


So what you need to do first is go to www.wetransfer.com and look at the widget on the bottom left corner. It will look like this.


Now just to make sure you have it on the right setting click the bottom left button that’s next to the transfer and make sure Email is selected after clicking on it.


After this is selected you should have a friends email and a section for your email. All you need todo is put theirs in the friends email section, add a message and add your files to it. Once you have done this just simply click the transfer button and it will do the rest!

wetransfermainmailsend.png wetransfermainmailtransfer.png wetransfermainmailcomplete.png

You should now hopefully have an email from WeTransfer giving you the details of what you have just sent. Also you will get another email once the recipient has downloaded the attachment too. Pretty neat huh!

Now for the second way, this way would make your email look more personal since you will be writing it still and just simply placing the attachment link in it once you have uploaded your attachment to wetransfer.

So this is still pretty strait forward all you need to do is click the bottom left button and select link as your option instead of email. Add your files to the window and then hit transfer.

wetransfermainlink.png wetransfermainlinksend.png wetransfermainlinkcomplete.png

Okay once your attachments have been transferred all you need to do now is click on “Copy link” and then go into your email program and paste the link where you would like it to be. This can be done by right clicking and selecting paste from the menu.



And that’s it. Enjoy sending your large attachments without any fuss of them getting bounced back.

Having a blog has never been so much fun!

Well I already had a blog! WhoNetMicro! so if you would like to go and have a look go for it! I put a lot of nerdy random things I find out there on it and I plan to keep on doing that!

Kicking it off full start!